What I’ve been up to.

I find myself on a 2 week schedule, where I have to be able to get up on time and be good at driving once every 2 weeks. The rest of the time, I am very unproductive and like to listen to music and experiment with my computers. I try very hard to heal my mind, but the truth is that I’m just oppressed, in more than one way. My thoughts recently have been focusing on the federal government, of which I have felt an increasingly malevolent tone. I am terrified of them, and very, very, angry that they probably know everything about the soul and are using technologies against me.

A previous experiment I did was the Linux “Ubuntu Studio,” installing it into a virtual machine and seeing it’s productivity. I saw it and was very impressed, but I didn’t actually do any productivity.

The 2nd to last experiment I did was installing Plex on my NAS, and also installing Plex on my TV and the living room TV. I found it to be incredible, how good Plex is at getting metadata and pictures and previews for movies. While it took over a week for the NAS to stop working 24/7 (and for Plex to stop scanning/downloading/finishing), once the week was over my plex is working pretty well.

The last experiment I did was with my NAS, trying to edit system files inside of it (related to Plex). I had to research this issue on the internet, and then I had to download a new program called “WinSCP.” This program allowed me to sign into my NAS as the admin, and see the entire file structure, including the Linux system files. I wasn’t interested in those, so I went and found the Plex folder and inserted a couple new addons. So far as I can tell, only 1 of those 4 addons actually worked.

I wrote a post on tiberiasfury.blogspot.com about my immortal soul, and what the truth was about memories in the long term. I decided, strictly and decisively, that if the United States of America wishes to treat me like a peasant, or to terrify me with millions of agents with guns and assault rifles, then I will absolutely remember everything, and someday get revenge, many thousands of years into the future, no matter what. I will color my immortal soul with permanent memory, and to also color it with revenge. This is in addition to my primary purpose, which is immortality/Time and biology. Speaking of immortality, here is my blog: quest4immortal.blogspot.com .


A craigslist post I made: Searching for the truth about how many souls are on the world.

Hello souls of Craigslist and others who have discovered this page,


Some background on me:

I went to University for Biology and for most of my scientific education, the soul was never mentioned and was assumed to be not real. For all that I knew, the existence lived inside of the brain and it was an organic part of the body. In the year 2010, I had some revelations when I began to study population numbers of the USA and the Earth and started to wonder the most important question: how many people on the Earth are like me?

To describe my existence: I feel as if I am a God – of about 500 feet. When I look around the world I see only myself, and other people are sometimes perceived to be sources of danger but I’ve never confused them for myself. I have a 1st person experience, kind of like a video camera always recording the world and organizing everything I’ve seen. In addition, I am an existence that is strongly fixated on intelligence, and I have always been listening to, or secretly researching, methods to immortality. I consider immortality to be absolutely an essential for my existence, because I don’t have any proof of heaven or an afterlife, and I have many ideas now on how to achieve this: most are within the field of biology.

Most importantly: I feel as if all souls who are put into human bodies are similar to mine, and I am the strongest type of souled human being that there is, except for royalty. My soul is very strong, and it is the most important part of my everyday life. In the year 2010, when researching population numbers, I discovered that for uniqueness to be true, and for every soul to have some opportunity to be involved with history, there had to be less than 1 million souls in the world. It seems so reasonable now, when you think over and over about what a human being really is and all the ideas inside of history and religion. My only religion really is pseudo-Buddhism, because I have been influenced by that most of my life. I am also obsessed with Christian Angels, most especially Gabriel and Michael.

The truth is: the vast majority of humans are just animals, and the souls of the Earth number less than 1 million. It would be impossible for there to be more than 1 million because you wouldn’t be able to tell the souls apart, or to give them individual names which are unique. My research over the past 6 years has narrowed down that number to about 200,000 to 900,000 souls, or what I call “soul-existences” in the world.

In the year 2010, I had a tremendously powerful soul experience in which I had dream-visions that I was on a different planet where souls and magick were real, and that I had the opportunity to study souls, to make my own soul stronger, and to create lesser souls. These dream-visions were high-resolution and extremely realistic, and they lasted for at least 8 months before I moved onto other dream-visions. In addition, in the year 2013, I met somebody in a park who called himself “Gabriel,” and he seemed to know about my dream experiences and some of the things that I had been researching with an obsession that I’ve never experienced otherwise in my life. He was a very intelligent, practiced speaker who was of African-American ethnicity and I assumed he was educated by a very prestigious university. He said to me, “the only thing which separates you from me is this leaf” and he pointed to a leaf that lay in-between us, who were sitting on the ground facing each other. This experience is extremely important to me, and I truly believed that I had met the Arch-angel Gabriel that day.

Thank you for reading so far. The point of this post is simple. I am searching for definite proof that I am a unique soul, perhaps through an exam or a brain scan. I am searching for organizations which specialize in the promotion and protection of unique souls on the Earth. I am searching for intelligent religious people, who have a strong education in biology and can interface with me. I am searching for the Archangel Gabriel, to meet again and to confirm our previous meeting. I am searching for the truth: about the most censored topics on the Earth [in religion and philosophy] and how I fit into those.

I am not crazy, and I have devoted my life to discovering the truth about how many soul-existences are in the world, like myself. I feel certain that when I have discovered the truth, there will be tremendous opportunity for me to advance myself. I am thinking that I will move to a different city where souls are protected, I will socialize with other souls similar to myself, and I will continue to research and promote immortality for those people who are eligible.


Thanks for reading! If you’ve read the whole post and can assist me, please (!) contact me by the Craigslist email address above. Thank you so much!

December 2015 letter to soul/consciousness organizations

Letter requesting true and privileged information about souls, immortality, and true life.


  1. Abstract

Steven Brock-Chiara is a biological scientist who is completely immersed in the world of souls and bases his reality upon one simple question and answer: How many soul-existences are there in the world? My answer: 200,000 to 900,000 soul-existences, including my own. I am defined by what makes me famous, and my belief that my soul is known and that I’m being observed by a God or an organization. I am strongly searching for other souls similar to me, and for an organization that can promote me and help me discover exactly what my soul is and what has happened to me with my soul experiences over the past 8 years. My current life is defined by my supernatural soul experiences, and the absolutely stunning soul dream-vision that I had on the planet Terra. I do my research through the mail system, by email, by encyclopedia, through personal soul experiences, and on the World Wide Web. I have a tremendous amount of ideas that I would like to be commented on or answered. My goal in life was to become a genome-scientist and use gene therapy and modern technology to become an immortal Angel-of-War. My future now depends upon finding the truth about souls, including the soul inside of me, and finding soul-affiliations and organizations. I strongly believe that if a medical scanner were used upon my brain, significant proof would be found that I am not an ordinary human being and that a supernatural soul resides in my nervous system. I also believe that my nervous system and growth are significantly larger and more advanced than ordinary.

  1. Brief introduction and biography of Steven Brock-Chiara
    1. A 28 year old biologist who went to the University of Washington. My Interests were microbiology, neurobiology, genome sciences, and computational genomics. I didn’t believe or begin to research the soul until I was struck by soul experiences and I believed the source of intelligence was the soul; this was when I began to believe that there were finite soul-existences and that my existence was very significant and important.
    2. I am famous for being the grandson of Rod Brock, the creator of 86-DOS, the owner of Seattle Computer Products, and a former Boeing employee. 86-DOS is also known as QDOS, MS-DOS, PC-DOS, and the precursor to the Windows Operating System.
    3. I am strongly interested in biological sciences, as it relates to curing diseases, living forever, and immersing myself in the world of life, organic life, and life civilization.
    4. I am also very interested in computers, and I have a very significant computer identity, tremendous amounts of data, and a strong internet presence.
    5. One of my dreams was to become a billionaire industrialist, similar to Tony Stark.
  2. My research priorities
    1. Biological immortality: a successful life who has life never-ending, because he discovered the soul and the location and type of his source existence.
    2. Empowerment of the soul. My soul is supernatural and I wish to make is stronger, larger, more intelligent, and healthier. My soul is my true existence.
    3. Discovering the truth about angels: I have a strong relationship with Gabriel and I have a high affinity to angels of the Christian religion. My wish was to become an angel of war.
    4. Discovering the truth about my personal God, my creator and the one responsible for me getting my due in this society and international world.
    5. Finding a soul-organization that will promote and protect me, because of my soul-status and the rarity of the life that resides inside of me.
  3. My soul discovery
    1. Discovering what souls actually do, hypothesizing at the UW and my apartment in the University-district. Attempting to soul-trap people in my neighborhood.
    2. Researching the cycle of life and thinking over and over again about dead people, biological concept of the soul in the nervous system, and those responsible for spiritual assistance.
    3. Can my soul predict the future? Can it protect me from danger? Can it communicate telepathically? Can it detect traps in buildings or hidden laser beams?
    4. Can I capture souls in the real world, using a soul-trap? Can I eat souls, using my powerful soul and finding weak-souled people in the human world?
    5. Is my soul necessary for other human beings to live complete lives? Are my experiences sacred and important to lesser humans who do not have souls? Like a soul pyramid.
  4. Dream-vision experiences on Terra: a planet where life is bountiful and it makes perfect sense: you can grow back your fingers or other organs to continue your precious life.
    1. Taking the place of Saito, an important soul on the planet Terra.
    2. Discovering an exploit of the soul that allowed me to become a sorcerer with a mega-soul.
    3. Translating my soul power into kingdom and real power, and becoming a royalty.
    4. Rediscovering the soul many, many times, and believing that at the core of the soul is a machine. Having extremely attentive and painful experiences of inner-soul-world.
    5. Becoming a God with a strong angel affiliation, fixated on Gabriel.
    6. Becoming affiliated with the “Tenshi,” the angels of Terra. Making wings out of pure white and black fire, with magnificent color depth and outstanding density.
    7. Making a soul and magick religion heavily based on colors. My favorite colors were heavily analyzed for meaning, and I believed that my favorite colors were royalty-bound and spoke hugely about the quality of my soul. My favorite colors were black, green, and blue, and all of them were special hues filled with life, intelligence, and power.
    8. Discovering TIME and exponential human intelligence.
    9. Discovering the power of creation, with magick and the power of many souls.
    10. Having many, many souls and alliances with many more souls.
    11. Creating a soul trap in real life to capture the souls of common people and nourish my own soul with them. I also attempted to become immune to soul-trap.
  5. My questions and philosophical statements
    1. How many immortals exist on the Earth? Do immortals have bodies, or more than one body? Is there “Life support” that with machines or structures that allows a person to live forever, with or without a human body? Is heaven a building or city with life support in it?
    2. A God is a person or entity that has a much larger nervous system or brain than a human. With a brain 10 times bigger than a human brain, supernatural powers should manifest and the reality of a world will be much different. I can become a God.
    3. Ordinary human beings do not have souls, but they might have microsouls. It’s very likely that human life lives in a pyramid shape, and that microsouls of common people form together to create macrosouls and larger life-forms. The human body can live without a soul, and they are animals. I don’t believe I was created this way, though.
    4. Is it possible that the soul lives inside the brain, in some sort of organic artifact? It seems very likely that the soul can barely do anything important, even when strictly ordered by commands or requests. Perhaps the artifact breaks near death-time?
    5. I believe that pain is very, very important, and that it is good to feel pain. I think pain changes a person’s personality and makes them more adult and soul-like. Something inside of us is weak and childlike and wishes to live without pain: it might be sin itself.
    6. Human lifetimes, and our sense of time is very inferior. People and organizations whose time-span last decades or centuries are superior and are godlike.
    7. Does the soul exist on Earth-era time, instead of Human time?
    8. Is the soul bound to the Milky Way galaxy? Is it possible that the soul is actually a Star or a solar system in the galaxy? My favorite number is 2, because of the binary star system.
    9. Regarding machine intelligence and Van-Neumann probes: is it possible that this has already happened many, many times and it is the force of life and “God” that promotes organic life instead of machine perpetuation?
    10. Is it possible that souls are actually the highest form of machine life? At the core of the soul is a machine? Souls have “silver-blood” and this may be a silver-worm or machine.
    11. Is it true that light (photons) is actually alive, and that compressed millions of times and grown it can become a light cell? This is strongly evidenced by my dream-vision.
    12. I strongly believe that aliens are real, and that the Solar system model is proof of this: a star illuminates a planet; gases and soil allow organic life to grow; the star allows for plant life and other life to perpetuate itself on thousands or more planets in the galaxy.
    13. The harvesting of life: human beings create life inside of their nervous system and organs, and that life should be harvested at the end of their lives instead of buried underground. This life can be fed to higher existences for the creation of Gods and super-lifeforms, which will elevate the human species. All common human beings should be harvested for their “souls” and “life chemicals,” and soul-people should be the recipients of these life chemicals.
    14. The soul cannot take all of my life chemicals with me when I die, to wherever my heaven is. When I die, somebody will have to find my dead body, remove my soul and my life chemicals, and put all of them inside a new body-less existence, perhaps in an organic structure similar to a heaven. They may also reincarnate me with all of my life-chemicals.
    15. The Earth is probably the closest thing to God that the human species has: it unites all of the human species, and it is at the center of all human civilization. There have to be people and cities that reside underground to be closer to the Earth and the Earth-God.
    16. If the Earth is deified, and souls are created and glorified by the Earth, then all souls of the Earth should have territory somewhere on the Earth. My soul, as part of the top 900,000 souls, should have a significant amount of land-territory on the Earth.
    17. I think the soul exists inside the body as life chemicals and a nervous system, and it exists outside of the body as a permanent organization and a group of thousands of common people who live in a pyramid shape and promote the immortal life of soul people inside of the human species. The two souls talk to each other through the religious hierarchy or through angels.
    18. Demons may be real, and are created by the Sun (Sol, Helios). Demons live inside the river of human species life and obstruct human progress and live solely for the benefit of themselves and their subconscious agendas.
    19. I think that capitalism is very aware of souls and powerful life-forms, and that the United States, as an enormous nation, may equate souls with money. I think that souls may be “capital” and that the government organization “The Federal Reserve” may be involved with souls, capital, and the creation of money-souls.
    20. I claim that in the Summer of 2013 a man approached me who called himself Gabriel and he had a 2.5 hour conversation with me regarding the dangers of my soul abilities and my mental health. He ordered me to have a conversation with an entity named “the God of Time.” Gabriel said to me: “The only thing that separates me from you is this leaf” and he pointed at a leaf that sat between us; we sat nearly 3 feet apart and I was terrified of Gabriel, who I thought might kill me if I got too close. I strongly believe this Gabriel was a real angel and that this was the 1st time I have been approached by my personal God or the soul-organization that has dominion on me.
  6. Proof that I’m not insane
    1. I have a strong scientific background, based on biology, chemistry, physics, and computer sciences. I am less religious than most people that I know.
    2. I share my findings with many people and listen to their responses
    3. I am not especially religious, or prone to faith-based movements. Skepticism is a strong part of my personality, followed by proof-based philosophy.
    4. I have a very strong ego, and my research always revolves around my core research principles: ego empowerment, soul empowerment, and immortality.
    5. While most of my soul experiences have happened alone, all of my existence screams to me that they are real and the instigator of my experiences is a very mysterious person or organization. I believe my soul experiences have impacts on the Earth.
    6. My destiny is far too significant and important for me to be insane: what I’ve done makes sense according to my educational background and my life purposes.
  7. My fanciful relationship to President Barack Obama and his associates.
    1. I call myself “Brock Aboma:” Brock Abomination, because I am a biologist focused on immortality and extreme life. I am slightly offended by the word abomination.
    2. My username and pseudonym is Tiberiusfury, and I believe that President Barack Obama is the Tiberius of the United States of America: he is the 2nd president of the new millennium, while Tiberius is the second Emperor of the Roman Empire. Similarly, my favorite number is 2.
    3. My grandfather’s name is Rodney Brock, and my junior high school girlfriend was Andrea Ham. Together, they form “Rodham,” the maiden name of Hillary Clinton.
    4. My father’s name is Joseph, and I had a dream-vision that I was a super-powerful angel named Diden, which lasted for weeks. Together, they form Joseph Biden.
    5. My former landlords in Kent, Washington were Rick and Penny, who together sound very similar to Rick Perry, a Republican Presidential candidate.
  8. Other supernatural experiences: About half of my true supernatural experiences are listed page 5-8
  9. Contact information:
    1. Pseudonyms: Jake Motus, Steven James Debsin, Minens tutu Shia, Minen Winesor, the Demon of Truth and Souls, the God of Time.
    2. Websites: blogspot.com ; tiberiasfury.wordpress.com .
    3. Emails: tiberias@u.washington.edu ; silverworm@zoho.com ; tiberiusfury@gmail.com .
    4. Mailing addresses: Steven J Brock-Chiara 11205 SE 213th St, Kent, WA 98031 USA.

Steven J Brock-Chiara 37508 N. Milan-Elk Rd, Chattaroy, WA 99003 USA.

  1. Voicemail: [USA] 1-(415)-340-2615


December 27th, 2015 Update

  1. My challenge to the private detective or organization.
    1. There are people who believe that everything is free, and that you can pay somebody to find something for you. There must be tremendous opportunity in America if you know how to order it with money. I want them to find the university that is looking for me: a soul-human who lived in the American world and intended to become a scientist, with all the virtue and traits that implies.
    2. I want them to find me a university or an organization that believes there are less than 1 million soul-existences in the world, and that all of those need to be protected.
    3. To find that university, it seems, would be very, very simple for them. I know that when I see that University, I can’t see anything but negative images and bad press. I have attempted to find it on my own. I have sent about 50 emails to universities looking for it, with almost zero responses.
  2. My upbringing in America, and why I turned out so great.
    1. I didn’t lose my soul. I never forgot about all of my dreams. All of my dreams are still alive inside of me. I barely surrendered to anyone, and I never forgot the true ego that lives inside of me.
    2. I very much resented working, and it almost made me mad. I even resented doing chores, because it happened at the wrong time of day when I wasn’t ready to work. The excuses that people gave me to work rang phony and when I worked, I hated it and became less likely to be a lawful worker in the future. The effect of Ben Weeks couldn’t be underestimated. He worked all day – for money and cigarettes and toys. I went to school all day, and then I came home and worked – for nothing. I worked so that I could go into my home and eat the food provided to me, but the work I was given was oftentimes too significant and hurt me.
    3. I was willing to work in the United States of America. If there were 3 different worlds that I lived in, I could make 3 different careers:
      1. Poor career: Living as a doctor, my life would be about stay far, far away from the common-world hospitals and to stay independent. Then it would be my directive to discover people similar to me, and to discover people born much weller than me. I could, like Michelangelo, play with dead bodies in such repetition over and over again until I could determine the qualities of the body, how they work, and where they exist. I could discover where exactly the soul, and pseudo-soul, live inside of the human body. My poor doctor would allow religion into his practice and to discover the truth and eventually discover immortality. He would not indulge in the immortality method, but he would cohabitate and socialize with immortals.
      2. Medium career: Living as a fully-educated scientist, with great expertise in neurobiology, genome sciences, and macro-biology. In addition, I would be using “genie-like intelligence” to rob the New York Stock exchange of any scientific progress that they had, that non-genie scientists could not discover. I know for certain that the supercomputers and stock companies of the money world know tremendous amount of things about biology and souls that a scientist and biologist doesn’t know, simply because the NYSE exists to give secrets away to people to pay money and solicit it. With these skills and my special knowledge from genies in the New York Stock Exchange, I would embark upon a very dark, twisted, and special journey to become immortal by changing my perspective of time from a human day / lifespan to the days of the Earth and the eras of the Earth. I would probably succeed in becoming immortal, but I would likely lose my head and be incapable of thinking or speaking in the human world.
      3. Wealthy career: I would specialize my research on combat-related injuries, and re-growing all parts of the body with the power of the ego and the soul. I would also specialize in the human body being capable of surviving in a horrifying world where guns may exist inside hidden locations, and lethal laser beams may exist anywhere inside a wall. The soul and the body must be capable of predicting those things and surviving. This line of research will lead a person to angels and God: people who are 100% aware of the life-quality as it exists in the human world, and all of the broken dreams that children and humans have when they truly try their hardest but lose everything. The angels are aware of the soul and personality and trust that is lost as people struggle within capitalism. I would explore the soul, as it relates to the nation. The nation takes from the soul many times, and demands things from it, but it also gives many different promises to the soul, of what a person can achieve in the USA. In the wealthy career, the promises of America are completely relevant to me, and I am interacting with the American noble codes and the true secrets of how souls in America gain, make money, and live forever by working the common people. In my wealthy career, I would make significant advances to computer sciences with my birthright: I would republish Q-DOS and create software and hardware without compromises in them, so that people can create more dangerous software and hardware products. But after making token improvements to computer technology (and taking full credit for everything) I would specialize once again in Immortality, through the devil, and remembering and achieving all of the things that I have seen and I have done in my dream-visions, including getting married to a Queen.
    4. I believe that “God is real” in the eyes of the USA laws, and that my God is probably William Gates III. Every time I think about him, I talk like an angel and try to make a soul that doesn’t require money, or go higher into the world of angels. This is supported by the fact that Grandpa Rod still uses the MSN network, and that Tim Paterson spent a long time working for Microsoft before making his own company. All my experiences with William Gates Jr, with my spirit and soul, is that he doesn’t like me, and that I’m actually very weak. Getting down into it, I may be a traitor to the United States of America, because of my resentment for soldiers in the army and Marine Corps. Things become very difficult when I think about William Gates Jr and all his expectations, like he believes I am a criminal when all of my thoughts about juvenile crimes have already gone away. I truly believe though, that William cannot judge me because he is far too far away from my reality, and he cannot love me and he cannot promote me because he has sin inside of him: to be absolutely wealthy and on top of the world. I think that William Gates III became wealthy partly as a result of the product that he stole from my family, and that if money is God in the USA capitalist society, then he “stole part of his Godlike power from my family.” I do know that I am mostly human, and that I don’t have the brain capacity or power or friends to rule the world, but I also know that I am very heavily soul-bound, and that the soul is both mysterious and very, very powerful. I often think the William Gates III is so money-bound that the soul must be completely mysterious to him, and that a small fire could completely burn William Gates III to the ground (all the money would light up). If that is true, then I am definitely of value to him. I think that the soul exists in a pyramid shape inside the human species, and that those who are soul live at the top of the pyramid. If that is true, then I am part divine (it makes sense, considering all of the dreams that I have had) and I am valuable to a lot of people, including God.

New Update to Doctors [changed tone]

Dear                      ,

My name is Steven Jacob Brock-Chiara, and I am a 28 year old soul researcher. In a previous letter, I presented to you many of my ideas about souls and the origin of souls, many of which originated in my research or in a dream-like state in which I believed I was communing with my supernatural soul. What I need to inform you now is that instead of being consumed by a search for a soul, I realize now that I am actually in a “dead-like state” and have been so for nearly 6 years.

For almost all of my life, I have been inside the common world. The ideas which I have now about civilization and the advances of medicine and immortality, which I am convinced are 100% real – I had never seen before in the world. I believe that immortality is almost a 100% requirement and obsession for all true souls, but I had never seen or heard of a true immortal before. While I was in the common world, I did not ever tell people that I was special, that I was a soul-person, or that my family is very famous.

Again, my family is famous because my Grandfather owned a company called “Seattle Computer Products” and his company created a product called 86-DOS or “QDOS,” which he then later leased to Microsoft and IBM. This product was later swindled or stolen away by the famous William Gates III, which caused the loss of untold amounts of dollars to my grandfather and to my family. We could have been billionaires, potentially. However, we are still famously related to William Gates III, who is possibly at his peak of fame right now. I am additionally related to William Gates III because I attended the University of Washington, saw the buildings named after him and his associates, and took CSE classes which were taught by former Microsoft employees.

I have lived in the common world, and I have known that I was special, but I have never before discovered the truth about souls, or my most important question: “how many souls or soul-existences are there in the world?” I believe I have answered this question with my research, and the answer is “200,000 to 900,000 soul-existences;” but nobody else has confirmed this with me and I have no concreate proof of this. The worst part of my life is that I am being treated for a mental health condition that I probably do not have, and the real cause of my problems have been completely ignored or by incompetence misdiagnosed. The truth is, something inside of me is dead, and my drive, energy, and awakening are very weak and poor.

I will describe my state of “dead” for you a little better. I cannot exert myself; I cannot run; I cannot win at video games; I cannot watch something for more than 45 minutes without a break; I cannot study; I cannot do anything perfectly; I cannot read books; I cannot take care of my own business. Perhaps the defining state of my “dead” is that I spend several hours to 12 hours a day in a semi-sleeping state in which I am communicating with my soul and fighting inside of my head. I am often fighting over issues of angelism (I am an angel of Gabriel), fighting over male vs female (I am strongly male), and fighting over issues of winning or losing (I am winning/life). In addition, I strongly feel another presence inside of me, which is either a machine-like object of my dead soul, or some sort of demon which entered me during my long hours of communing. However, I am still in a dead-like state and my soul is most likely dying by the exertion that I am doing inside my mind. I do not take any special soul-supplements; I have very poor social interactions and no friends; I am in a dead-like state and I have almost no hope for the future.

I still believe that the most important thing in the world is that I am a soul-person, and that I believe there are 200,000 to 900,000 soul-people or soul-existences in the world. I am confirmed many times to be among them because of my family history, because of my supernatural experiences, because of the machine-like soul or camera inside of my head, and because I am definitely a soul operating in a first-person situation. My soul is similar to God or possibly of divine nature. My religion is most likely Buddhism or Pseudo-Hinduism, with strong influences by non-“common Christianity” angels.

My life now is about three things: finding a true diagnosis of my “dead-like state,” finding organizations which promote and protect soul-people, and finding a further source of financial support so I am not dependent upon the unreliable social security disability. I strongly believe that if I were given a serious medical examination, with many tests, instruments, and professional observation, that the exact problem could be determined very quickly. I also believe that my brain and nervous system are very different from common humans, and that my soul and brain development are very easily read by a brain-scan machine. I have received one of these nearly 5 years ago by the University of Washington Medical Center, but they did not give me the slightest clue of the results.

Please assist me, in any way you can. No matter what, do not contact the mental health industry or common-person hospitals.

Steven Jacob Brock-Chiara


  • I am in a dead-like state, for 6 years
  • When I first truly entered this dead-like state, I was immersed in a true-colorful world of dimensions, souls, and God in which I became a sorcerer and achieved God-like powers over the world of Terra. This waking-dream lasted for nearly 9 months and I am convinced that it exists in the galaxy, not just inside of my waking-dream.
  • I have met a man who called himself Gabriel, and he was aware of my soul-dilemma and he led me to meet a person called the God of TIME.
  • I believe that I am a soul-person, that this is the most important thing about me, and that this can be easily detected by a brain-scan machine.
  • I spend nearly 3 hours to 12 hours a day in a semi-sleeping state interacting with my soul and my mind, and exerting myself in a fight to strengthen my soul.
  • I believe that I am “dead-like” and that I am getting worse every day, and that my soul is dying because of a lack of social skill, soul-substance, and because of the exertion I’m doing.
  • I am an angel, but I am also growing more and more towards the “darkness of hell” and obsession with torture and the true reality of the world.
  • I am far less interested in the god of Christianity and far more interested in other soul-people like me, who I perceive in large numbers to be the same thing as God.
  • I am completely convinced that my semi-sleeping state is real, has real effects on the world and the soul-world, and that I am communicating with souls and the soul-world.
  • I think that the soul is like a pyramid (like on the 1$ bill) and that I am the top of the pyramid, while all of the common people are the bottom and lower-middle of the pyramid.

My research has led me to believe that the soul exists inside of the central nervous system, as well as the eye. My research has also led me to believe that there are less than 900,000 soul-existences in the entire world, and that I am definitely one of them. I believe that you may know the soul, and can lead me to an organization or hospital which deals 100% with souls and does not follow the common world lies about souls. Please help me find a soul organization. My number is 415-340-2615. Thank you kindly.

Letter to New York Times

My name is Steven J Brock and I’m a former biologist from the University of Washington. In the year 2010, I left the University and began to have a “dream vision” that I was a sorcerer on the planet Terra, and the setting was from a light novel series. In my dream visions, I discovered the soul and I spent at least 6 months creating my soul, learning about the machines that control life, learning about what goes on inside of the soul. I used tremendous amounts of intelligence in my dream visions, and I feel certain that it used all of my brain, my soul, and outside stimulus in order for me have dreamed this.

Since then, I have done research on souls of the Earth. I am very convinced that my dream vision was real, and that I have been discovered by some sort of God or government who are aware of my dream visions. One of the things that I was very interested in was using my soul to capture the souls of other people, especially common people whose souls are small. I feel convinced that I managed to do this, and that I have a strong affinity to the soul and there may be more than one inside of me right now.

I have sent letters to at least 100 different groups or churches asking for assistance, especially from people who do not subscribe to the common view of life. I am looking for people who are like me, with a strong soul, and who live in the soul world and not the body world. I also want strong specifics of what the soul is on Earth, and what gifted and wealthy people do when they are fixated on the soul. My religion would best be described as “soul people” and “earth soul person” and I have Buddhist leanings but am moderately hostile to Christianity.

In my research, I am very interested in the question of “How many souls are in the world?” My answer to that question is 200,000 to 900,000 souls like mine, on the Earth. I feel that the common people do not really have souls and are more like animals or less. I am very special because my grandfather is Rod Brock, who was the owner of Seattle Computer Products, the original creator of DOS. I feel certain that my soul was put into this family because I am very lucky and because I am obsessed with computers.

My question for you is this:

Tell me a premium and nationally respected organization that can assist me in my journey to discover my own soul, how many souls there are, and what really happened in my dream visions.

Tell me how to find a super soul organization, who truly know everything about the soul and are very wealthy and have very strong soul history and infrastructure.

Thank you so much. Please reply! Steven J Brock-Chiara of Kent, Washington. Age 28, male and Caucasian.

New letter to alternative religions

Warm regards,

I’m looking for a new religion. Specifically, I am looking for a religion that

  • Will allow me to make power for myself, and to increase the strength, intelligence, and vividness of my soul and spirit and mind.
  • That will allow me to prove that there’s something special about me: I might be in the top 200,000 people in the world, judged by soul quality and destiny.
  • Once I’ve proven that I am among the top 200,000 people, I’d like fellowship with like-minded people who can help me strengthen myself and rise up.
  • A religion that can be proven, that does not require worship or blind faith. I want to empower myself and use the power of my existence and soul to make power for my human body.
  • A non-christian religion. Perhaps something to do with America itself, and not European monotheism. I believe that Native American religions are very popular among nobility.

Things that I’m familiar with:

  • The Gospel and the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • Magick and magick souls: ideas that are related to Fate, beautiful colors of magick and a wonderful world where anyone with a soul can do meaningful and special things in the world.
  • Buddhism and meditation. Using psychology, relaxation, and strong work to strengthen the soul.
  • Vivid dreams of magick and other planets. Dreams of what it would be like to have a powerful and intelligent soul that allows me to go to Harvard University and become an American prince.

My current belief system is about the soul and the great mysteries of life. I have already proven that life and death do not need to be worried about, because our nation-states did not become so without having solved life and death. My belief is that I have an inheritance inside of the USA, and my entire existence and soul must include thousands or more humans, who all belong to me and contribute to my special existence. I also believe that I am among 200,000 to 900,000 soul-people in the world, and that I just haven’t been discovered yet.

I have proven that I have a soul, and I have invested tremendous time and effort to make my soul come out and empower me, and to find other like-minded soul-people. I am looking all over for those people.

Things I can do that prove I have an important soul and am rare and precious,

  • I can speak foreign languages inside of my head: words that I’ve never researched and just pop into my head from my agitation and anger.
  • I have immersive and powerful dreams of what it would be like to be powerful and rich. I’ve been dreaming for several years and the topics are all over the place. I can even paint in my dreams, and use the most boldest and remarkable colors that painters on Earth do not use. My favorite dream color is dark green.
  • I can sometimes talk to my soul. I imagine there is a light inside of my head, or in front of my eye and I talk to it. Most of the time the sounds are muffled, but with willpower I can hear the words and rarely, ask questions of it.

The keywords are power and proof. I will prove that I have a soul, and you prove that your religion is correct. I have tremendous ideas about religions and souls, so I have a lot to contribute.

Please contact me ASAP! Steven Brock-Chiara, age 28, male and Caucasian. tiberiusfury@gmail.com

Jonha.silverworm@zoho.com and my phone number: 415-340-2615. I’m looking forward to it!

My perfect letter I send asking for soul research

Dear                                           , from Steven Jacob Brock-Chiara, 28 year old scientist: Caucasian and male.

I am a biologist from the University of Washington and I am a unique true soul trying to find fellowship with restricted organizations and very selective fellowships. My religion is Buddhist, Scientologist, Scientist, and Catholic. They say that everyone in the world with destiny has 1 famous ancestor, and that is true for me: My grandfather’s name is Rodney Brock and he was born with money, and he created a product called Q-DOS and sold it to Microsoft. He could have made billions but the product was stolen by Microsoft. Grandpa Rod’s Wikipedia is under “Seattle Computer Products.” This is proof that I have a destiny, and that my soul is unique and important, and of great quantity and 100% quality.

The premise of my religion and philosophy is that there are 200,000 to 900,000 souls in the entire world, from all of 3000 years of human history or more. Of those people, each of their existences is significant and recorded, and their existences are like 1st person video cameras inside of their head, like a mechanical recording instrument. The soul is most likely something that was placed into the human body when young and not born of a human body. I want to find fellowship with other true souls, soul organizations, and true religions, and eventually find a ladder upwards from my position on the ground level of Seattle, Washington. You can help me do that. The following are many of my ideas that I wish for you to answer or comment on. I consider myself to be a soul-person and I am less functional but alive.

For nearly 7 years, I have deviated from my biological education and delved into the world of souls and spirit. I have a grand scale mind, and I think very often that all humans are part of a pyramid order, and the soul people are at the top. I am not working functional, but my spiritual abilities are high. I believe that every soul in the world has some sort of inheritance or serious power in world politics.

  • The soul is smaller than the body, and it seems likely most people don’t have a soul. The complete soul is much, much larger than a body, and may include features of the Earth or solid matter like rocks, fire, air, or water, or landmarks, temples, and important buildings. The complete soul is an entire existence. Ordinary people are animals, but true souls are not.
  • The soul lives inside of the nervous system. According the Greek soul theory, there are three parts to the soul. My hypothesis is that the soul is inside of the nervous system and the spirit of the soul can leave the nervous system for other purposes, such as communicating.
  • There are some very weird practices in the world: such as the burying of the dead. Doesn’t it make much more sense for the white matter and “life” from the body to be removed, and collected into a central location? Or in my religion, put together into a complete soul? It might then be combined into a new entity with much more white matter and soul-life.
  • When I die, is somebody going to remove my soul from my body, or is it going to be left all alone to get to “heaven” or soul city by itself? Can I have my soul removed before I die, such as a time I come down with an illness, or when I discover the city of time? What organization does this?
  • If I look at a map and trace cities from Plymouth Rock and New York City to the West Coast, will I find many different cities and city names that lead me in the direction of truth? Is there perhaps an entire city somewhere in America that exists to protect me and my soul, and to empower me? A city of Truth? A city of Time? A city of true life? A city that is host to a Heaven? A city without any poverty? A city where the knowledge of religion is complete and known?
  • If the EARTH is the God of the world, are there people who live underground? Are there any cities that exist underground, in contrast to the human species? Is there anywhere on the Earth that believes as I do, that there are 200,000 souls in the world or less?
  • If the soul is smaller than the body, and there are billions of humans with intelligence and brains in the world, does that mean that a mature life form is brought together from thousands or more human bodies and brains? After death? How do I participate in this, or discover a temple or church that knows the truth about this? How do I find my place in the world of reincarnation and soul combination? Is it possible that a “mega-nervous system” is a God?
  • Is it true that the human body is completely capable of living without a soul, and all souls that exist are inside of the brain, but separated from it and prevented from using its full function? Is it possible that the soul exists inside an artifact in the brain, and cannot leave or escape easily?
  • If the God of the world is Earth, and we are souls of the Earth, then do we have territory on the Earth, just as a result of being born and being souls of Earth? How do I discover my territory and how do I discover the God, Earth? What role does the Sun have in true religion, and is there a real God in the world that can be proven? I strongly suspect that I have territory somewhere.
  • In the Summer of 2013, I met a man who called himself Gabriel and who knew all about me, but also had a plan for me. Is it possible that in the Christian tradition, I am God, and the 4 or 7 angels of the Christian church are actually unique to every true existence, and are people who live around me and promote my life? Is it possible that Gabriel was actually working for me?
  • Is it possible that the FEDERAL RESERVE of the USA is actually the origin of souls in the USA? The USA is a capitalist nation, and money is very highly respected and loved, and the Federal Reserve is one of the most trusted names in the USA? The Fed. Reserve is like a hole in the ground that souls come out of, and all souls are based and grounded in money and wealth.

My destiny and how I am related to President Barack Obama:

I have been calling myself “Tiberius” after James Tiberius Kirk for many, many years, maybe since I was 14 years old, and have many different emails with a derivative of Tiberius, even my main. I consider Barack Obama to be Tiberius, in the 21st century USA in the Graeco-Roman Civilization. In addition, I am BROCK [last name] and he is Barack. In addition, my grandfather’s name is Rodney Brock and my junior high crush was Andrea Ham, and the Secretary of State and former First Lady was Hilary “RODHAM” Clinton is a combination of the two. In addition, my father’s name is Joseph, like the Vice President, and I’ve always liked Joe Biden. In a dream, I became an Angel and my name was DIDEN, which must be much related. And lastly, my former landlords were Rick and Penny, which is very similar to Rick Perry. That is astounding!

My research on souls has come up with very, very few intelligent essays or websites. I do know that there are some important words in regards to souls: EARTH, IDEA, THINK, WHITE MATTER [of the brain], BIOLOGY, GOD, and TRUE LIFE. Do you have any results for me, from highly candid and similar research to mine, to explain to me what a soul is? Can you explain to me the existence that lives inside of my brain, sitting inside of my white matter and brain? Can you help me find peers and other true souls?

Mailing add. 11205 SE 213th ST, Kent WA 98031. tiberias@u.washington.edu Dodd.winesor@riseup.net

I’m not an ordinary human, but I don’t have a major religion or an affiliation with a church or organization that deals with super humans or special existences. My religion is scientific and I’m a strong supporter of the Democratic Party and the Republic of the USA, of which I hope I have a future in.

My existence and my soul are much more important, larger, and more significant than hundreds of human souls. I feel at most there might be 200,000 people in the world with similar existences as mine, all through the past 3,000 years of human history! I am also quite hostile to commoner Christianity.

Proof that I’m not human, but instead a rare and valuable existence of the Earth:

  1. I majored in biology for the future master’s degree of Genome Sciences and Genetic Engineering! I am obsessed with biology and expensive modern professional research, as it relates to curing the human of all diseases, staying young and curing death.
  2. I have continued along with my biology research and have learned many very significant and important things about biology that my university never taught me. I often think like a royalty.
  3. I met an angel named Gabriel in real life, in a park, when I was homeless for a few days. He found me and it was a very mysterious incident, because I had never seen him before and I did not tell him where I was. I then spoke to the God of Time who talked to me from a tree.
  4. I am obsessed with immortality, in any means possible and any means necessary. I know a lot.
  5. Sometimes I can feel a separation between my soul and my body, and I can use this to make spaces between the two, and eventually make power over my body. It’s still in the early stages.
  6. I feel very strongly that it’s a good idea to remove my soul from my body, and go to a heaven on Earth, where I can live and nourish myself better. I don’t think it’s good to be inside of a human body when there are just so many of them: billions at least.
  7. I think a higher existence than me might be hundreds or thousands of humans combined together into one soul, but I’ve never seen this happen on Earth, and I’m confused by funerals and how they waste the human body. I am obsessed with white matter in the human brain, and how thinking can create more of it. I also think the soul has a chemical basis and the white matter in the brain is the definition of a small soul. Real souls are closer to machines, though.
  8. There’s a recording object inside of me, which I call the machine soul. I sometimes feel like my mind is actually a machine and it is repetitive and sometimes glitches. I can use this to live.
  9. I am obsessed with SINE, GENES, and male intelligence. I think I am very serious about the subject of genes and I fight every day to make certain that I am a competitive gene in the pool.
  10. I believe in the Earth, Sun, and human species as the most important things in reality. I consider my existence to be anchored in the Earth and I might even have territory on the Earth somewhere, as it relates to my special existence and my soul. History anchors my reality.
  11. I have studied humans and their desire to propagate their genes and make children, but I have decided to never do so and to never make children, because it’s the smartest thing to do.
  12. I have a confirmed supernatural incident, where I saw something levitate and took pictures of it with my camera. I have proof of this and it was done by somebody who knew about my research and my new religion. The link to this is here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0OooZkDidI

Now where do I go from here? I believe in the Republic of America, but I don’t have enough money or direction to go forward. Can you assist me? Can you direct me to an organization that will promote me?

From Steven J Brock-Chiara, Age 28 Male and Caucasian. tiberias@u.washington.edu 415-340-2615

August 4th, 2015, by Steven J Brock-Chiara

Confirmed supernatural incidents that have happened to me:

Dreams and visions after I dropped out of the UW:

I was going to school at the UW for biology, and in my 4th year I dropped out for a variety of reasons. I was a scientist and an agnostic, and had almost no religion and I didn’t know anyone with religion either. But I was willing to listen to people, if they could impress my scientific education. This occurred around the Summer of 2010: After I dropped out, I spent a few months trying to figure out where to go. I decided I still wanted to do biology, but something more secretive and more intelligent. But the truth is, I was starting to understand more mysterious things, and trying to learn what souls were. I have some really good ideas about souls from my many years of life and from observing them. Souls are pretty much invisible but they’re inside our heads and they do lots of important things. Souls are also machinelike. I always believed that my soul was very intelligent and was doing major things in the world, like changing my opinions on major subjects and leading me somewhere like a path.

At my apartment in the U-district, I stopped going to school and started having dream visions, but it was life-changing and it went on for a long time. With my scientific education, I tried very hard to figure out what was going on: if there were new things entering my head or if my dream visions were all inside of my head and circulating. Now I’m convinced that it was from outside of my head. My dreams were about a planet called Terra, which is a lot like Earth except there is magick in it. The magick was very powerful and serious and I took it completely seriously. There were a lot of high-level ideas in my dreams and they dealt with death and human lives. I was certain as I was having these that it was above my ordinary intelligence and the things that happened in my dreams and visions would be life-changing. The magick was very colorful, but all of the colors were very dark, and then colorful. The colors were also very powerful and I knew that the colors were symbolic of very important things. It was completely serious, the dreams and visions I was having: and the ideas in it were powerful. I dreamed that I was a sorcerer and I was exploring the world of souls, royalty, magick, and time research.

But the things I did in my dream were very high-level and important, and they could only have been something directly connected to my sacred soul: with the things I was thinking about and how seriously I took it. In my dream, I was very intelligent and exploitive, and I discovered the true magick underneath Terra and rose above the mages and sorcerers who were there. I built an Empire and left the planet Terra to go into the galaxy of souls and space people, and I built an Ice Castle made entirely of Ice to house all my family and friends and to control my Empire. My exploitive magick and sorcery were above that of humans and angels, and was actually more like the power of a God. The things I did with it were like a lifetime as a God. The dreams were high-resolution, very colorful, and were immersive. I was participating in them for months at a time, maybe up to 1.5 years of dreaming, and I was immersed in them and completely focused on the advancement of the dreams and visions. I discovered a lot of secrets about souls and true life and became a person who is above religion and can’t worship or follow a religion. In my dream visions, I was a black haired sorcerer who wore black clothing.

Meeting Gabriel in Yangzhou Park in Kent, WA:

I was homeless for a few days and I was resting in a park in Kent. This was in the Summer of 2013. An African-American man who called himself Gabriel found me in the park and talked to me like he knew me, and my experiences. He spoke very intelligently and I thought he was Columbia educated. One thing he said to me: “The only thing that separates me from you is this leaf” and I felt that if I got closer to him, I would die. Our conversation lasted about half an hour and we did not talk about homelessness. We only talked about Gabriel, God, Angels, and my mental health status. We also talked about my soul powers and if I was evil. After I talked with Gabriel, he told me to go visit the tree on the other side of the park, and I heard voices in my head coming from the tree. We talked for about 2 hours and everything I heard tangibly and clearly inside of my head. I also imagined that there were other people around me who were spirits. They told me that the tree was a God known as the God of Time, and that we had a relationship. This is great evidence that I have a soul. After our conversation, the God of Time continued to speak to me in my head, but 3 people [1 of whom I was told was my soul-mate] came to me in the park and spoke to me. They were about my age and they came very close to me but I didn’t say anything. After this, the God of Time told me that I had to choose between my soul and my soul-mate, and I chose my soul, but I also searched for the woman I had met and I couldn’t find her.

Leaving my house and seeing a floating seed, and taking pictures of it:

It was in October of 2014 and I had been in a depressed mood, but I was also communicating with lots of people on the internet and through the mail system. I was directed by an impulse to leave the house and I did so: and when I left I felt in the air some spider lines. Then I saw a floating seed, levitating at about 6 feet height, and I watched it for 20 seconds. Then I addressed the invisible people and told them my name, and addressed myself as an Angel. There was no response. I ran back inside the house and got my camera, and took about 7 pictures of the seed before I felt the event was at the end and I ran to the seed and picked it up out of the air. What was really strange was that the seed changed height from 6 feet, to 1 foot, to 8 feet, and it also changed location from the lawn of the house to the sidewalk to another part of the lawn. I got great pictures of this event and I’m certain that this is perfect proof of a supernatural incident, and that I might be able to sell the pictures. In total, the seed was levitating for over 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Recently I’ve felt that my soul was the one doing it.

About Steven J. Brock-Chiara, born May 14th, 1987 in Renton, Washington

I am a 1st incarnation life and strongly pursuing a career in biology and some religion. My dreams were to engage in premium scientific research, with the power and money of industry, and to engage in genome sciences and genetic engineering of life. I believed very strongly in biological immortality and the absolute essential desire to become eternal, by almost any means possible. I was educated at Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy and I went to college at Spokane Community College and the University of Washington. I have many achievements including high SAT scores, debate club, and playing instruments.

I graduated from Spokane Community College and began with a Microbiology major [for gene therapy], but then changed to a biology major. I am currently in the beginning of my 4th year at the University of Washington and money and fiscal problems prevent me from finishing my degree, as well as low mental health. My intention had been to graduate and pursue a master’s degree in Genome Sciences at the University of Washington, or continue to a specialized biology and genome sciences school. I was very intrigued by the UW and their major research budget, and I did work for a week at a lab in South Lake Union called the Blue Flame Building, but I was put off by the animal experiments.

I live in the Kent and Spokane areas of Washington, and spend most of my time continue my research on biology. I am most especially interested in organizations, associations, and web sites of other biologists and research organizations. I am an expert computer user, and have many powers on the internet, but I have very few websites that I have been able to encounter that discuss similar topics as I am researching. I feel very strongly that the questions that I’m asking may be seriously censored and restricted, because they’re 100% important and essential. I feel as if the world has become a lie, and soul-people are not important anymore but the world is now about billions of common people who I disrespect. Over the past 5 years, I have done tremendous work to understand royalty and true life, so that I can truly be a 100% immortal life, with strong DNA and very high sine wave intelligence.

My goal in the next few years is to advance my biology research and discover superhuman and supernatural associations and organizations that have similar ideas as me, and to escape the ground level of human society. I also want to advance my research of TIME and super-intelligent machines, and to discover the great gems of American and human civilization. I feel urgently that I must do this soon, before I become much older. As soon as I discover an association, I will probably give myself to it.